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“3 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Cash Flow”

  • Discover what’s stopping you from having more profits and freedom in your business and in your life

  • The key to charge what you’re worth and get it
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Turn Your Vision Into Reality … And Into Money

You’re in the right place if you dream of having a business that generates abundant, steady cash flow.

You want prosperity and financial freedom that comes with a successfull business.

Feel fulfilled and inspired by making a positive impact while being truly valued for your expertise.

You want to grow profitable business without sacrificing your life balance.

You’re very good at what you do, and yet …
not enough people recognize the value of your product.

You feel:

Dissapointed because your sales and profits are so much smaller than the BIG vision you have for your business.

Restricted by your cash flow that prevents you from hiring a team you need.

Unsure about how to respond to customers saying your products are too expensive or investment too big.

Elevate your cash flow by following a proven system that helped entrepreneurs create more profits than they ever thought possible.

Build foundation so you can make more money without struggle.

Create your new financial reality where money flows to you easily.

Claim your value when you negotiate big contracts.

Become a magnetic leader so you can easily attract talent to your team.

Build strong foundation.

Unleash your money magnetism.

Negotiate with confidence.

Be seen as a leader.

Mateja Debeljak, MSc

Mateja honed her financial, business and leadership skills as CFO, running financial department for a global group generating EUR 65 million in sales, having operations in 8 countries, 13 subsidiaries and 1,800 employees. Five years ago, in her desire for the new challenges and creativity, she disembarked from corporate right into entrepreneurial world. She took over the leadership of a tech software startup developing virtual shoe fitting recommendation platform for retailers to help consumers find the best fitting shoes online and in-store. She helped sell the company and ensured its successful integration into the newly formed group.

With her considearble expertise and 20 years of experience Mateja now empowers entrepreneurs to grow lucrative businesses with programs and mentoring.

Mateja holds a Masters of Science Degree in Business Administration. Passionate about exploring how our mind and brain works and how we create, she took advanced trainings in non-clinical Jungian psychology and became an Advanced Jungian Life Coach.

About My Work

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