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Do You Want to Grow Your Business Fast With Confidence and Reliable Cash Flow?

Imagine having a business where you feel …

  • Financially secure – Dropping the anxiety around your cash flow, ups and downs in your business and start making the kind of profit you desire and deserve.

  • Fulfilled – Succeeding with your business. Doing work that feels good, for the right reason, with a renewed energy, inspiration and meaning.

  • Confident – Implementing your most brilliant ideas without putting your cash flow at risk or getting run down by fear or setbacks. Attracting the right people while feeling natural, relaxed and authentic.

  • Free – Having the choice to reduce your work hours to be present for friends and family.

But right now, you’re running into some challenges and may feel …

  • Stressed – Worrying how to attract talent, how to keep your team flexible and engaged, and how to sustain decent or even good profits in the midst of tight competition and fast-changing environment.

  • Frustrated – Consuming large amounts of time or cash with too little to show for it. Feeling alone and frustrated about your inability to navigate through the highs and lows of business and life experiences more easily and effectively.

  • Burdened – Trapped by constant demands of your business. The only way you can control many outcomes is to do the work yourself. Feeling you have to say “yes” to every project that comes your way to meet your goals and to keep your financial backers (investors or bankers) interested.

  • Tired – Twisting yourself into who you think you are »supposed« to be to create success and to gain more influence and impact as a leader.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

You Can Grow Fast, Have Strong Cash Flow and Feel More in Control of Your Business and Life

I am Mateja Debeljak, mentor who can help you create a breakthrough in your business. I worked as a CFO of a global group having operations in 8 countries and generating EUR 65 million in sales. Now I help entrepreneurs improve their cash flow and take their business to the next level. I’ve helped founders who were struggling with tiny revenues, negative cash flow and zero profits close a deal with an 8-figure outcome so I know what works in the real world.

I get asked all the time how we were able to create such huge success in less than a year …

Well I’ll tell you …

Results like this are possible if you follow a proven system and start working on your business, your relationship with money, your customers, employees, investors … from the inside out. It’s about having inner clarity and confidence in your direction, value and leadership, alongside the skill-set to update and revise mental models you are using to make decisions and act in the world. That’s where the magic happens.

Being an expert is HALF of what makes your business successful. The other half is your mindset, confidence and presence you bring into your everyday activities.

I’ve discovered that the most valuable type of support for getting results fast is having a mentor or a coach to support you personally – in a one-on-one setting.

Every time clients (myself as well) invested in a mentor or coach – things changed, business transformed and we reached a new level.

In the times that we think “I’ve got it” or “I can do it on my own” chances are our business will plateau.

Because of that …

I’d love to support YOU in the same way …

Two decades of my business, finance and leadership experience combined with the specialization in the psychology of potential and mindset is now available to you through mentoring or coaching programs and packages.

I’d love to invite you to get started with a “Grow Fast” Session with me.

This is a private 1-on-1 skype session or phone call where:

● We’ll explore your vision for growing a business that doesn’t threaten your profitability, or consume all your time and energy.

● We’ll get clear on what’s holding you back from following through on your ideas.

● And I’ll share my professional recommendations for how you can get there as fast as possible.

The session is complimentary, but I have to find out if working together potentially could be the right fit, that’s why you need to apply. Once you submit the application, you will get access to my calendar to schedule your session.

Please fill out the application below ONLY if you are serious about moving forward in your business, ready to get coached and are willing to make a four-figure investment in your success.

I look forward to speaking with you 1-on-1 very soon.

“My son and I will always be grateful to Mateja because she has helped us deal with a difficult business situation and achieve financial freedom.”

“I met Mateja when I was CEO of a large shoe brand. She was recognized for her rich knowledge as well as for her exceptional working energy and her commitment to achieving set goals. How many times have I left the company after eight o’clock in the evening – only to notice that the light in her office was still on! 

Later, when we were once again colleagues at a software company, I saw how professional and extraordinarily resourceful she really is. This was a small company designed to show the world that it is possible (and necessary) to use state-of-the-art technology in the field of footwear industry and to show that Slovenes can be leaders, too, if we put our minds to it!

The huge investment in the development and marketing has required a lot of resources – much more than the current revenues could have covered. Because my son and I had to concentrate on sales, Mateja was left alone to manage finances and everything else. At that time, I realized how exceptionally competent she is. When the majority would give up and quit, Mateja would always find a solution. 

When we were later looking for recapitalization funds and ultimately successfully sold the company to the new Dutch owners, I also admired how good she is at presenting the company to foreign investors and at negotiating.

I am delighted that she has decided to share her rich knowledge and experience with those who lack ideas as to how to make profits with their business. My son and I will always be grateful to Mateja, because that is exactly what she was able to do for our company. And this is how we became a success story.”

Martin Kopac

“I highly value Mateja’s expertise, diligence, thoroughness, honesty and dedication.”

I first started to professionally cooperate with Mateja back in 1998, when she temporarily took over the management of accounting and finance at our company that deals with the import and distribution of sports products. She built new, stronger foundations of our Accounting and Finance Department within a few months.

We were also co-workers at a high-tech company, where she was, as co-owner, responsible for the management, organization, finance, and legal affairs. She set up organizational processes and helped elevate the company’s culture and employees’ motivation. She significantly influenced the vision and strategy of the company.

When we were looking for an investment for setting up a subsidiary in the US we received three bids, two of them for the purchase of the entire company. Mateja also actively participated in the negotiation and execution of the company’s sale. Due to her professional advocacy of the company’s value, she significantly influenced the final sale price that the previous owners of the company received. The new owners of the company also took note of her empowering attitude and professional work, as a result they asked her to help them with the merger with the acquiring company and the continuing leadership of the Slovenian part of the company.

I highly value Mateja’s expertise, diligence, thoroughness, honesty and dedication. She takes on every project with unwavering commitment and is not satisfied until she achieves excellence.

Aleksander Kopac, AlpVent AG

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